Morrowind Librarium

Greetings fellow Nerevarine,

Welcome to the Morrowind Librarium, the virtual library of every book in The Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind. This quest started with the experience of the tiresome task of collecting every single book in a series from multiple elder scrolls games in order to understand/comprehend the lore of the game universe.

To undertake this task would be extremely difficult, and would be very time consuming, when you could just look it up on various wiki's to answer questions. Also, some of the books are incredibly boring to read when you could be playing the game instead, not to mention that the books speak in a complicated dialect, or some are even untranslated.

Our mission is to bring all of the books from the Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind, into a search engine, and simplify and sort the information in order to provide the player of the game the knowledge and resources from the book contents without ever having to pick one up within the game. The Search engine of the site searches for the book you are looking for, unless you specify you are attempting to do research on a certain NPC (non-playable character) or a certain item. With the use of regular expressions XSLT, and XML markup, this project tries to make the lore of the elder scrolls more appealing to read into, and makes the ambiguity of Tamriel easier to understand for the few who don't.