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The Cantatas of Vivec



[The Cantatas of Vivec are gospels written in the form of epic songs. They trace the evolution of Vivec from a foolish mortal into an enlightened divine. Vivec sought out experiences that tested him in every way possible, particularly in the defense and protection of his Dunmer people, and through his long life, his humility, and his unconquerable spirit, he attained the Wisdom of the Seven Graces. The Cantatas relate many stories of Vivec's experiments with challenge and risk, his failures and triumphs, his blessings of insight and good fortune, and his debt to his partners, Almalexia the Lover and Sotha Sil the Teacher. The poetry is simple and dramatic, lyric and personal, composed to be sung or recited. The following is an excerpt from Lord Vivec's 'Brooding Beneath Red Mountain'.]

The gaunt ghostfires loom as subtle shrouds,

Smokes and shades on the biers of Red Mountain.

Arches and spires line the rock halls,

Dimly lit by the spirits of the dead.

The blood of broken hearths and houses

Runs in red rivers, blossoms in fountains.

Girdled round within walls of wit's glass

The shattered hosts slumber in cradles of ash.

But when shall they wake?

What dark crucible may kindle their souls to light?

How long beneath red-reeking clouds

Must flickering watchfires burn?

How many lifetimes of labor and lament

Will it take to seal this restless tomb?

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